About Dharti Agrotech

At Dharti Agrotech we believe that it is time for the world to wake up to the fact that we are poisoning the land and humanity with our dependency on chemical and synthetic fertilizers.
The urgent need of the hour is to return to nature and natural, organic methods of farming that will restore the land, and bring health and healing to the nations.
If we continue to abuse the land and nature, we shall inflict further irreparable damage to nature's fine balance. The world will suffer even more, and our communities will pay a very heavy price with their health for our ignorance and selfishness.
Dharti Agrotech leads at the cutting edge with all natural, bio-balanced products to give you increased profits and the rich knowledge that you are helping our planet to fight its way back to health.
Organic is the only right way forward.

Our Team

Mr. Prithipal Singh


With a wealth of experience behind him, Mr Prithipal Singh draws on his knowledge and his deep concern for the welfare of this planet and its inhabitants.

He works hard to bring forward amazing solutions and life-changing products that can transform the way we have been doing things, and bring nature’s answers to the world crisis in food production.

Vijay Kumar

Technical Sales

“Any questions? Just ask me. I would be delighted to respond to all queries and give you any assistance you might need to enter our organic world of farming.”


Sales Executive

 “Just try our natural products and discover what you have been missing.

The world of economical and realistic organic agriculture is at your fingertips!”

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